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Veterinary advice for any raw commercial dog food weight loss program is generally based on the science. Science that appears to become pressed through the large commercial dog food manufacturers. As the apparent evidence is difficult to disregard, this type of diet only has grown in recognition regardless of the dire warnings. Raw food diet testimonials, forums and Blogs abound on the web espousing the advantages of a raw food diet pet proprietors are visiting a tangible (and positive) improvement in their furry buddies. It appears in the future lower to science versus pet proprietors which is in which the confusion lays. That do you think? You have to consider there are both pros and cons and you’ll have to constitute your personal mind.

Raw Food Diet Dangers: Listed here are the claims: There’s little scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of those diets. Scientific proof of potential animal and public health problems in feeding raw meats outweighs any perceived benefits.

Risks from microbial pathogens (i.e. Salmonella, E.Coli) contained in raw meats for pets given these diets, as well as for pet proprietors.

Pets given raw meats can shed potential microbial pathogens within their stool therefore serving as an origin of potentially significant zoonotic infections.

Pets given Raw are vulnerable to intestinal obstruction when the diet includes bones.

Here is the warning to Veterinarians: If veterinarians do recommend raw meat diets for pets under their care they should know potential liability concerns should a dog or dog owner get ill because of feeding raw.

Raw Commercial Dog Food Advice

You should observe that as the available science is against it, lots of people still decide to feed their pets a raw food diet it’s a current hot trend. Some believe that the makers themselves bias the “science” because they are in position to lose considerable money from sales. This can be true, but on the other hand it might not at the minimum there has to be some truth present. Simply because someone uses the science to promote his very own products, does not necessarily mean the science is always wrong or problematic. Due to this it’s imperative that pet proprietors educate themselves making their very own informed decision on which suits them as well as their pets.

Here’s what a Canadian Vet from B.C. says about raw commercial dog food.

Within my unscientific observation of pets being given Raw food, they’re healthier than the majority of the pets around the commercial dry kibble.

Cleaner teeth.

Shinier jackets.

More energy.

More uncommon journeys towards the Vet.

It is crucial that you choose on your own when the ‘risks’ over-shadow the advantages of a raw pet food diet.

I’m firmly of the fact that our pets Take advantage of being given a number of foods, including some Raw. I feed Raw a couple of times per week to my dog.

-Dr. Andrew Johnson D.V.M., Nelson Animal Hospital

You will find risks to feeding raw, but an informed dog owner can minimize them.

First to yourself: wash everything perfectly and employ some good sense. If you’re dicing raw meat, wash both hands before putting them inside your mouth.

Wash your counters and utensils.

Grind up bones If you’re to give them. This can supply the Calcium benefit, without risking obstruction.

Freeze the meat first, and also have it defrost overnight inside your fridge. An alternative choice, which even I personally use, is prepackaged frozen raw.

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