A Typical Daily Routine For A Dog Or Puppy


Are you thinking about introducing a furry friend into the family? If so, you might be curious about the type of daily routine a dog will go through. While puppies and dogs will have differing routines, the basics are the same, albeit with a few extra surprises thrown in. Here’s what to expect.

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Early Rise

Both dogs and puppies wake up pretty early and puppies, in particular, can not be left in bed for too long. If you do this, then you’ll have an unwelcome surprise when do go to take them out. Remember puppies have small bladders and find it difficult to hold it in. So, around seven am, it’s time to go down and let the pup or dog out in the garden. That way they can relieve themselves in the proper place.

Be aware puppies can be up most of the night and still wake up early in the morning. We’ll get to why this happens.

Once you have let them out welcome your dog back inside and fill up their food bowl as well as their water. It can be a little worrying if your dog doesn’t want their breakfast and more concerning if they don’t drink. This can happen for a variety of reasons and you may want to consider trying a different flavour. Sites like https://barkingheads.co.uk/ have lots of great options to choose from that your dog could love. Once they have finished eating, take them out again for a quick walk. This gives them another chance to relieve themselves and get some exercise before you start your day.

In The Afternoon 

Dogs tend to be inactive for around 70% of the day. The afternoon is also when your puppy will catch up on the sleep they lost crying all night. If you’re in, you can attempt to keep them awake so that they’ll sleep through the night. But, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. If a dog wants to sleep, it will sleep.

The afternoon is when you can feed a puppy again and replenish the water bowl. If you have time, you can squeeze in play and training here too. Your puppy and dog will certainly appreciate a little attention. If you’re not around, they’ll just curl up and have a nap.

Evening Fun 

The evenings are a great time for a longer walk so you can give your dog a little more pet exercise and make sure that they get the full amount they need. While some breeds are fairly laid back about exercise, other dogs like labs love it. They need about an hour a day and after work is probably the best time. By about 6pm, it will be time to feed your dog and for some, this will be their only meal of the day. It’s up to you whether you also give them food in the morning.

After dinner, take them out again and provide them with a chance to relieve themselves before heading back inside. This is when your dog can settle, curl up at your feet or head to bed. Before you go to sleep, take them out once more to make sure that they don’t need to get up during the night. Be aware puppies might need to even if you take them at the very last minute before you hit the hay. As we said before, they have very little bladders and can’t be expected to hold it.

We hope this helps you understand what to expect with a typical dog routine.