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If You Think You Understand Uniforms, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Scrubwear and Fashion and the Health Industry

Nowadays nearly all healthcare professionals adorn the uniform scrubs. The standard uniform of the past, which saw the healthcare pros adorn the starched dresses, caps and shoes have basically been replaced and their place taken over by these rather more easy wear uniforms.

The history of the scrubs starts as they came in as the garments of wear by the surgeons and the operating room, OR, staff. The scrubwear were easy for the hospitals to have laundered at the desired high temperatures and as such get to ensure that they were indeed freed or ridden of any bacteria as garments suitable for use in the operating rooms which basically required sterile conditions plus the other areas which were considered as infection control environments. The color codes were precisely green or blue. These attire were as well known for the kind of restriction they placed on the designs or styles that they were to be coming with. The garments were strictly designed for the fitting of either sexes as pants and tops, final.

Later in the years, around the beginning of the ’80’s we saw the nursing scrubs came in and they gained much traction and acceptance in the healthcare industry being accepted by the hospital units, the physician’s and the dentists offices all coming to accept them. There were some fundamental benefits that actually came in and made these become such an admirable item of attire for the profession and as such drove their wide acceptance and these are factors such as the ease of wear, the ease of laundering and the freedom of movement that the garments had. The need for additional style became more evident as an increasing number of the healthcare professionals chose the scrubs as their preferred garments for uniform wear. Due to the fact of the need to have catered for the diverse body styling and sizes, adjustments had to be done to the garbs and as such we saw them added with elastic waists, petite and tall lengths, and as well a wide range in the sizes of the garments so as to have them address the various body sizes in the nursing profession. As the scrubwear now transformed and became a part in the fashion industry the cargo pants came into the scene. There were as well the scrub tops which added tunic styles and the button front alternatives of the scrubwear.

Steadily moving into the years, manufacturers of the scrub wear paid a deal of attention to the aspect of fashion in their design of the scrubwear and they always had it as their watchword ever working round the clock so as to ensure that they have created a wear that was trendy for the scrub wearers.

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If You Think You Understand Uniforms, Then This Might Change Your Mind